How to learn UX in half the time.

(Even if you come from an unrelated industry or don't have design skills!)

UX is one of the hottest growing technology fields right now, with average salaries topping $80,000+ in major job markets.

But user experience is a broad field with seemingly endless topics to learn.

What design topics are the most important to learn that actually make you stand out as a job applicant?

And how can you gain all this UX knowledge thoroughly and quickly?

The UX Fundamentals Course is designed as the one stop shop to help you develop all the necessary UX skills in half the normal amount of time. 

It's 50+ lessons packaged as one convenient, self-paced course.

Learn UX the Efficient Way.

The entire curriculum is designed with an 80/20 approach to maximize learning.

  • Learn core UX topics without the fluff: a perfect balance of theory and practice.

  • Become a holistic designer who understands business strategy, research and design thinking (in-demand topics usually ignored by bootcamps!)

  • Retain more material with quizzes, get practical exercises & templates

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Why UX beginner struggle...

Let me know if any of these situations sound familiar:

  • You're looking into a class but it's not self-paced, requiring your physical presence...

  • The bootcamp you're looking into costs thousands of dollars above your budget...

  • After graduating from a design program, you don't know where all your lessons went (or they're scattered all over the place) 

If you're anything like me, you hate to waste money and time.  

After attending costly UX bootcamps (and even teaching at one myself!) I saw the frustrations of traditional UX education.

That's why I built UX Fundamentals from the ground up as a quick, yet complete design training that's focused on getting career transitioners the expertise they need.

what you'll get

  • Thorough, self-paced training

    Learn fundamentals like user research and design thinking, building up to practical interface design skills.

  • Digestable design

    UX topics broken into their most essential elements. Be able to talk UX and understand it from a macro & micro view after this course.

  • Homework & quizzes

    Maximize your knowledge retention with perfectly sequenced quizzes.

50+ UX Lessons and Growing...

  • 1

    UX School Intro & Navigation

    • Welcome to UX Fundamentals! 🙂🏢

    • UXS: Master Resource List

    • Resources, Downloads, Worksheets

  • 2

    Defining User Experience Design

  • 3

    UX Design Processes

  • 4

    User Research

    • Intro: a story about user research

    • Market research vs user research

    • 5 Step User Research Process

    • Step 1: Determine the type of research needed ("GEEC" research stages)

    • Step 2: Select the approach

    • [Quiz 1] User Research

    • Step 3: Plan the research (creating an interview guide)

    • UX Research Interview Guide (Google Sheets)

    • Step 3.5: Recruiting users

    • Step 4: Collect the data (conducting user interviews)

    • Step 5: Analyze the data

  • 5


    • Personas: an introduction

    • Components of the Persona

    • Personas: the Extra Bits

    • Personas: Frequent Asked Questions

  • 6

    Business Goals & Stakeholder Analysis

    • Intro to stakeholder analysis: a story about Yelp

    • How to identify project stakeholders

    • [Template] Stakeholder Invitation

    • Conducting stakeholder interviews: questions to ask

    • Post Stakeholder Interview Analysis

    • [Template] Stakeholder interviews

    • Being a Business Minded Designer

    • [Quiz] Business Goals & Stakeholder Analysis

  • 7

    Competitive Analysis

    • Intro to competitor analysis: a story of Blockbuster vs Netflix

    • Step 1: Identify the competition

    • Method: SWOT Analysis

    • Step 2: Gather & analyze competitive insights

    • Step 3: Documenting competitors' designs

    • Do's and Don'ts of Competitive Analysis

    • [Quiz] Competitive Analysis

  • 8

    Visual Design Principles

    • Intro to Visual Design Principles

    • Understanding Design Roles: Graphic vs UI vs Visual Design

    • The 5 Core Elements of Design

    • Identifying the Elements of Design in a User Interface

    • Design Principles: An Intro to "C.R.A.P."

    • Design Principle: Contrast

    • Quiz: The Contrast Principle

    • Design Principle: Repetition

    • Quiz: The Repetition Principle

Your UX Career is About to Take Off...

Will you use a bicycle or a rocket ship to get there?

who will teach me?

UX Instructor, Founder of

Oz Chen

Oz is a UX designer, writer and the creator of After teaching and coaching hundreds of UX students, he discovered that traditional UX education is broken. Students learn the basics of UX, but lack the practical career skills and on-the-job experience to make the transition into UX. He launched UX School to combine design fundamentals paired with job-readiness training.