Tired of spending countless hours tweaking your portfolio?

Build your portfolio faster and better using our proprietary content-first philosophy. Learn the structure, tools and processes to create a UX Portfolio that helps you win jobs and stand out from other designers.

create a UX portfolio in record time

  • Content first

    If you can write, you can produce a UX portfolio. Learn the alternative method that's helping designers finish their case study development 10x faster.

  • Writing templates

    Use battle-tested templates that help you create organized portfolio structures.

  • Advanced topics

    Specific tips like how to present your portfolio during interviews and handling NDAs.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Philosophy & Approach

  • 2

    Writing case studies: the beginning

    • Project Metadata and Template

    • Project Summary

    • Summary & Tasks

  • 3

    Writing case studies: the middle section

    • UX Processes

    • UX Deliverables

    • Main Body Content

    • Using [ Brackets ] and Placeholders

    • Writing Tips

    • Writing Examples

    • [Recap] Writing the Middle Section

  • 4

    Writing case studies: the conclusion section

    • [Intro] Writing the Conclusion Section

    • Proper Headings, and Questions to Answer

    • Examples of Conclusion Sections

    • [Recap] Writing the Conclusion Section

    • Finishing off case study writing

  • 5

    Design Artifacts & Visuals

    • [Intro] UX Design Artifacts

    • UX Artifacts - Tips

    • Underutilized Design Artifacts

    • UX Artifacts: Your Turn Now

    • [Recap] UX Design Artifacts

  • 6

    Packaging the Case Study

    • [Intro] Packaging Case Studies

    • Case Study Presentation Tips

    • The Case Study Stack

    • Converting Case Study to Presentation

    • Packaging Case Studies - Conclusion

    • [Recap] Packaging Case Studies

  • 7

    Packaging the Portfolio

    • Portfolio Packaging: Intro

    • Portfolio Packaging: Offline Portfolio

    • Portfolio Packaging: Online Portfolio

    • Portfolio Packaging: Tasks

    • [Recap] End of Packaging

  • 8

    Converting to Web Portfolio

    • Reasons for Converting to a Web Portfolio

    • Web Portfolio Component: Overview

    • Web Portfolio Component: Personal Summary

    • Web Portfolio Component: Projects Overview + Project Summary

    • Web Portfolio Component: Individual Case Study

    • Web Portfolio Component: Contact

    • Web Portfolio Component: The About Page

    • Web Portfolio Component: Blog

    • Web Portfolio Component: Newsletter

    • Web Portfolio Component: Social Media & Links

    • Web Portfolio Component: Social Media & Other Links

  • 9

    UX Portfolio Examples & Reviews

    • Portfolio Review: Lawrence Santo

    • Portfolio Review: Andrew

    • Portfolio Review: Chloe

    • Portfolio Review: Geoff

    • Portfolio Review: Guillerme

    • Portfolio Review: Kenny

    • Portfolio Review: Puja

    • Portfolio Review: Vinay

  • 10

    Advanced UX Portfolio Considerations

    • [Intro] Advanced UX Portfolio Considerations

    • How to Choose a Hosting Platform

    • Handling NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements)

    • User Testing Your Portfolio

    • Portfolio Interview Questions

    • The Anti-Portfolio

530+ positive course reviews

Connor Gesbocker

Valuable class for anyone looking to jump start or improve their professional portfolio.

Silvia Balu

Great content which is focused on creating/improving the UX design portfolio. Exactly what I was looking for!

Maria Boutzoukas

Really helped me get a sense of what needed to be done for an overall solid portfolio. Definitely upped my game and will hopefully help me land an awesome job!

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