Transition into UX

From principles, to practice, to getting paid to work in UX.

Most training only solve half the equation: basic design training. UX School helps you marry design fundamentals with career essentials like crafting a compelling portfolio, resume and personal brand.

Basic UX Skills Are Not Enough

Learn the formidable combination of design + career skills to transition into UX faster than ever.

  • UX Fundamentals

  • Craft a UX Portfolio

  • Optimize job application materials

  • Master UX Interviews

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Limited time bonuses

UXS bundle: packed with practical resources

  • Resources & Templates

    Grab a bank of 800+ remote UX job leads plus "done for you" templates from how to structure case studies to how to email employers.

  • unlimited updates

    Pay once and get updates to UX School for free, forever. This includes new training courses, lectures and templates added to the UX School curriculum.

  • design forum

    Access an exclusive community of ambitious designers. Interact with fellow UX students and ask any questions. Get feedback on lessons and personal design work.

what our UX students say...

Alla Gringaus

UX Director @ American Kennel Club

I got 3 amazing job offers after working with Oz, making my employers impatient to work with me!

Jeremy Jong

UX Product Manager

This training helped me land my first UX job, which doubled my previous salary. Well worth the investment.

Tian Liang

UX Designer @ Microsoft

Oz helped me land a UX Designer role at Microsoft! Without his help, I couldn't have gotten this position in only 2 months.

Meet the instructor

helping thousands of professionals transition into UX

UX Instructor, Founder of

Oz Chen

Oz is a UX designer, writer and the creator of After teaching and coaching hundreds of UX students, he discovered that traditional UX education is broken. Students learn the basics of UX, but lack the practical career skills and on-the-job experience to make the transition into UX. He launched UX School to combine design fundamentals paired with job-readiness training. 

Frequently asked questions

  • What is UX School (“UXS”)?

    UX School is a self-paced online program focused on user experience fundamentals and career management. It is a growing catalog of courses, which will include flagship courses like The Ultimate UX Portfolio Course and Master the UX Interview.

  • How is it different from other programs & courses?

    Built from teaching experience at bootcamps and doing career coaching, I realized that there was a gap in knowledge that prevented new UX graduates from launching their careers. They had some technical skills, but not the practical career insight to successfully apply to jobs or land freelance gigs. Unlike “one and done” programs, UXS is continually updated take beginner designers from Principles, to Practice, to getting Paid in UX.

  • How long does it take to complete UX School?

    There are currently 4 hours of focused UX training spanning topics from user personas to stakeholder analysis to UX portfolios. Yet length does not matter so much at UXS for two reasons: 1) there will be an ever-growing catalog of new content and 2) students have the freedom to learn at different speeds, skip to specific lectures or choose to take optional quizzes at the end of each learning unit.

  • Who should enroll in UX School?

    This program is specifically designed for motivated, resourceful learners transitioning into a UX career. But in reality, anyone searching for a comprehensive and practical approach to user experience design can benefit. This includes students, UX designers, consultants and even product managers & startup founders.

  • Who should not enroll in UX School?

    Those looking for 1) in-class learning and 2) "certifications" should not enroll. UX School is virtual-only, career-specific UX training to help land jobs and clients. As such, this makes us proudly un-credited and un-certified. UX School students hustle to put in real work. Those who expect results just by virtue of enrolling in the course should not enroll.

  • What happens after I buy?

    You'll get immediate access to UX School with lessons hosted in Thinkific, a high-end course platform. Look for onboarding emails in your inbox.